1) ADJ-GRADED Something that is desirable is worth having or doing because it is useful, necessary, or popular.

Prolonged negotiation was not desirable...

The crowd moved indoors for what were deemed the most desirable items.

Derived words:
desirability [[t]dɪza͟ɪ͟ərəbɪ̱lɪti[/t]] N-UNCOUNT usu the N of n/-ing

...the desirability of democratic reform.

...the debate on the desirability of banning the ivory trade.

2) ADJ-GRADED Someone who is desirable is considered to be sexually attractive.

...the young women of his own age whom his classmates thought most desirable.

Derived words:
desirability N-UNCOUNT usu poss N

He had not at all overrated Veronica's desirability.

English dictionary. 2008.


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